Between a Silver Spoon and the Struggle

Between a Silver Spoon and the Struggle

Reflections on the Intersection of Racism and Class Privilege

by Nicole Lewis & Resource Generation

Through a mix of political analysis and personal reflection Between a Silver Spoon and the Struggle explores the nuances and contradictions faced by people of color with wealth. With wit and compassion, Nicole Lewis takes on the myth of the American Dream, how to identify one’s own class privilege, and first steps towards building financial literacy and becoming a donor to progressive social change. Written in the style of a candid field organizer, this slim book is a gem you will want to keep under your pillow, and to read and reflect on questions like “How much money do I need to have a healthy, sustainable life?”, or, “What is my responsibility to my communities?”. It’s an insightful and quick read for people of all races and class backgrounds, who are interested in understanding the intersection of racial oppression and class privilege more deeply.
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