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Telling the truth about wealth and our class backgrounds helps expose how deeply unjust and racist the U.S. economic system is and makes our movements for economic and racial justice stronger. Since 1998, thousands of young folks have connected with Resource Generation to help square their politics with their values, meaningfully leverage their privilege, and understand their stake in a future where wealth, land, and power are equitably shared. We organize to bring our collective power to support poor and working-class led movements to effect systemic change.

Social Justice Philanthropy

Social justice philanthropy focuses on the root causes of social, racial, economic and environmental injustices.

It strives to include the people who are impacted by those injustices as decision-makers. It also aims to make the field of philanthropy more accessible and diverse. In social justice philanthropy, foundations are accountable, transparent and responsive in their grantmaking. Donors and foundations act as allies to social justice movements by contributing not only monetary resources but their time, knowledge, skills and access. Social justice philanthropy is also sometimes called social change philanthropy, social movement philanthropy, and community-based philanthropy.

Local Chapters

Across the country young people with wealth are working toward the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power…

From praxis small groups to collective giving to campaign work, chapters are the heart of RG’s organizing.

Programs We Offer

Events | Webinars


Making Money Make Change 2018


Transforming Philanthropy 2018


Shadow Money (How the Right Funds Regressive Movements)


#TAXSCAMBILL & Our commitment to wealth redistrubution


Spring 4-part Webinar series


Advancing social Justice through family philanthropy


Regional leadership retreats



Save the Date:
Making Money Make Change

Each year we Resource Generation gathers for a transformative weekend to connect, in person with others across the country, across movements, across experiences to reflect, transform, and move into collective action.

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